I.Q. Granular Starter

IQ Granular Starter

Start your seeding off miles ahead of your competitors 

iQ Granular Starter is 100% OMRI approved Organic Layer Poultry Compost. This product has proven to be a very effective starter fertilizer in Canola, Flax and Pea Production. (2018-2020 Independent 3rd Party data and Producer Results) 

Only top quality raw materials used. High in calcium, carbon and naturally occurring minerals, great for any crop.

IQ Carbon

IQ Carbon

Nature’s building blocks – Improved

Certain levels of microbial activity in the soil are critical to efficient plant uptake of nutrients and ultimately, optimum growth and yields.

The basic building blocks of all life forms is carbon, and with the proper mix of both carbon and proteins, all crops — in any region — can benefit from an effective application that provides plant-available nutrients. Additionally, humic and fulvic acids act as natural complexing agents for greater nitrogen efficiency, allowing for lower inputs.

IQ Carbon will help you grow more robust crops, while lowering overall nutrient inputs.

iQ Drive CA

IQ Drive CA

Improve your plant’s environment

Growers encounter two types of soil construction problems: soils that are ‘dispersed’, that is, allow too much water, essentially drowning the roots — or soils that are ‘compacted’, keeping water out of the micropores where nutrients are taken up.

Calcium has been proven to be an essential ingredient to building ‘flocculated’ — or properly structured soil — for maintaining critical micropore spaces for root development and nutrient uptake.

IQ Drive Ca adds an important surfactant to carry the calcium where it is most needed, while also lowering surface tension for better water movement.

IQ Phos

IQ Phos

Start Fast & Finish Strong

Overwhelming research proves that plants require an available supply of phosphorus from the beginning stages of life to reach their potential.

Most phosphorus is unavailable to plants (becomes tied up) as it reacts with calcium, aluminum, iron and other ions in the soil. This leads to nutrient deficiency, causing a lack of fruit or flowers and decreased yield.

IQ Phos protects the phosphorus from becoming tied up, giving your crops the nutrients they need, when they need it.

IQ PK Plus


High Energy—Low Inputs

Potassium is in tremendous supply within most soils, but just a fraction (1%) is plant-available. This means that for most crops, a frequent application of soluble, plant-available potassium is required to maximize yield potential.

Proper potassium nutrition is critical for plants for water movement, energy production and the activation of enzymes that promote overall plant strength and productivity.

IQ Set Plus

IQ Set +

Get set for higher yields

During the growing season, plants are in great need of proteins for development and nutrients to counter balance the external and internal stresses. Nutrients that enhance nitrogen conversion and amino acids that increase microbial activity are important.

The complexed and chelated ionic nutrients in IQ Set+ provides optimum components to enhance and produce stronger plants and higher yields.



Maintain plant-available nutrient

Phosphorus is particularly susceptible to tie-up, as it is a negatively charged material, and positively charged calcium is among the most common elements to bind phosphorus into what is essentially rock.

Release represents a significant advance in natural chelation agents, protecting inputs and freeing the nutrient from existing soil tie-up. The result is low inputs with far greater response.