iQ Drive CA

IQ Drive Ca

Improve your plant’s environment

Growers encounter two types of soil construction problems: soils that are ‘dispersed’, that is, allow too much water, essentially drowning the roots — or soils that are ‘compacted’, keeping water out of the micropores where nutrients are taken up.

Calcium has been proven to be an essential ingredient to building ‘flocculated’ — or properly structured soil — for maintaining critical micropore spaces for root development and nutrient uptake.

IQ Drive Ca adds an important surfactant to carry the calcium where it is most needed, while also lowering surface tension for better water movement.


Create a more efficient root zone

Enhance plant growth

The powerful combination of ionic calcium with a surfactant creates a growing environment in which plants can ideally absorb and metabolize nutrients. This is one of the most essential aspects of productive and strong plant growth.

Enhanced water/air ratios in the soil

Too little water, or too much water in the root zone can restrict plant growth. The surfactant in IQ Drive Ca enhances the ‘volumetric water content’, allowing for the proper air water ratios in soil.

Enhanced root growth

Calcium is the material of root growth, and IQ Drive Ca provides a cost-effective source of highly soluble calcium for nutrient uptake in the root zone.

Simply intelligent growth

Within the rhizoplane — that area in the soil that extends beyond the immediate roots — the ratio of air and water through the macro and micropores is one of the most critical aspects of plant nutrient uptake. The surfactant within IQ Drive Ca creates improved water penetration into and through the micropore areas, where root hairs interact with the nutrients in the soil.

As the surface tension is reduced, the calcium in IQ Drive Ca is driven into the root zone, helping build flocculated soil, increasing drainage and improving a positive growing environment for greater root growth.

  • Drives Calcium into the root zone, where it is most needed for proper uptake
  • Enhances the air/water ratio within the soil for enhanced nutrient uptake and root strength; reduces surface tension
  • Reacted Calcium will not tie up the soil
  • Enhances plant metabolism
  • Clean, easy handling solution
  • Will not corrode application equipment
  • Low impurities