I.Q. Granular Starter

IQ Granular Starter

Start your seeding off miles ahead of your competitors 

iQ Granular Starter is 100% OMRI approved Organic Layer Poultry Compost. This product has proven to be a very effective starter fertilizer in Canola, Flax and Pea Production. (2018-2020 Independent 3rd Party data and Producer Results) 

Only top quality raw materials used. High in calcium, carbon and naturally occurring minerals, great for any crop.


What is iQ Granular Starter?

As a layer waste product, there is no bedding in the product that can throw off the carbon to nitrogen ratio of the finished material. It has gone through two separate digestion cycles, one in the bird and one in the composting facility. This digestion process in the animal allows all the minerals not used by the bird to become a part of the fertilizer. The additional composting process then adds more microbial richness and the multiple forms of carbon provide a sustainable food source for long-term biological activity. iQ Granular Starter is never pasteurized or heated beyond the point that can harm its rich microbial populations.

How can you use iQ Granular Starter?

The potential uses for iQ Granular Starter are virtually endless. Any soil that requires increased porosity, organic matter/carbon, and microbial activity will benefit from the use of iQ Granular Starter Fertilizer. Use iQ Granular Starter in any crop.

  • Apply at a rate of 50 lbs per acre in-furrow with the seed
  • pH 6.4
  • Sodium less than 0.25%
  • Moisture less than 5.0%.
iQ 3-4-3

The compost used is an egg layer waste, which is very high in calcium, carbon and naturally occurring minerals and can be used for any application without fear of burn or salt build-up.

iQ 3-4-3

Granular Starter uses the best raw materials available and the result is a powerful fertilizer that feeds both the soil and the plant.