iQ Liquid Seed Starter

IQ Liquid Seed Treatment

IQ Seed Starter is a highly effective, carbon based liquid seed treatment for use in all crops. The analysis includes amino and humic acid along with manganese, zinc, iron and boron.

It is engineered to enhance seedling stage plant development. All nutrients are carbon based and plant available through amino acid chelation, resisting soil tie-up.


IQ Seed Starter aids in the development of improved root systems. Root enhancement has been observed in all trials, averaging 128% of root growth over the checks in soybeans, canola and corn during the initial growth stages (first 30 days).

Increased root growth leads to increased yields. In 2016 3rd party trials, IQ Seed Starter averaged 2.1 bushels per acre of the checks in soybeans and, in corn 4.6 bushels per acre of the checks.

IQ Seed Starter supports inoculants. The carbon base acts as a microbial food source as well as a highly effective plant food for seedling plants.

Pre-Treat with iQ Seed Starter per the following:

  • Soybeans: 50 mls per 60 to 66 lbs of seed. (IQ LST is compatible with inoculants)
  • Peas and Lentils: 50 mls per 60 lbs of seed
  • Corn: 3 to 4.75 litres per 20 units or 150 to 250 mls per unit.
  • Sunflowers: 3 to 4.75 litres per 15 units or 150 to 250 mls per unit.
  • Canola: 3 to 4.75 litres per 225 kgs or 325 to 525 mls per 25 kgs.