IQ Phos

IQ Phos

Start Fast & Finish Strong

Overwhelming research proves that plants require an available supply of phosphorus from the beginning stages of life to reach their potential.

Most phosphorus is unavailable to plants (becomes tied up) as it reacts with calcium, aluminum, iron and other ions in the soil. This leads to nutrient deficiency, causing a lack of fruit or flowers and decreased yield.

IQ Phos protects the phosphorus from becoming tied up, giving your crops the nutrients they need, when they need it.


IQ Phos out-performs all other phosphorus inputs

Plant-available nutrient for superior growth

IQ-Carbon Ortho Phosphate Technology prevents tie-up reactions from happening for an extended period of time, keeping the phosphate in plant available form and ready for immediate uptake and utilization.

Low Inputs—High Return

IQ Phos is the most plant-available, lowest input phosphorus source in the industry. Input rates at only 1lbs per acre are possible because of the carbon complex protection of the nutrient. While most of the traditional phosphorus inputs are lost to soil tie-up.

Simply Intelligent Growth

Fixation reactions in soils may only allow a small fraction (10-15%) of the phosphorus in fertilizers to be taken up by plants in the year of application, according to traditional university research.

IQ Phos incorporates amino acids and carbon to protect negatively charged phosphorus molecules from forming insoluble bonds with other ions in the soil, and ensures plant availability for sustained growth and greater plant strength for increased yields.

  • Compatible with inoculants
  • Highest availability phosphorus fertilizer
  • Ultra-Low application rates. Only 1-3 lbs per acre!
  • Supplies available nutrients to your growing crop
  • Promotes quick, uniform emergence
  • Seed safe at recommended rates
  • Clean, easy handling solutions
  • Will not corrode application equipment