IQ Set

IQ Set

Get set for higher yields

At plant set, crops are at the stage of their greatest need of proteins for development and nutrients.  These proteins counter-balance the external and internal stresses of development. Nutrients that enhance nitrogen conversion and amino acids that increase microbial activity are especially important.

The combination of complexed and chelated ionic nutrients in IQ Set provides the optimum solution for strong and high yield crops.


Superior nutrients for optimum growth

Enhanced crop yield & quality

Applied after plants have begun ‘setting’, the unique combination of essential nutrients, sugars and amino acids in IQ Set provides plants with the nutrition necessary for more consistent maturation and increased productivity.

Increased microbial activity

Only ionic, protected nutrients are truly plant-available, resisting soil tie-up. The complexing and chelation of IQ Set assures high return with very low input rates.

True plant-available nutrients

Insufficient levels of Amino Acids in alternative fertilizers means that much of the nutrients remain unprotected from soil tie-up. IQ Set contains 30% amino acids; enough to fully complex and chelate nutrients, to ensure nutrient protection and increased folic uptake.

Simply intelligent growth

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Only IQ Set contains sufficient amino acids along with 15% sugars, nitrogen, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper and molybdenum, all readily available to enable plants to reach their full product potential.

  • Enhances overall crop quality and yield
  • Ultra-Low application rates
  • The perfect blend of Amino Acids, Sugars, Nitrogen, Potassium, Micronutrients for setting crops and eliminating deficiencies
  • Enhances Nitrogen metabolism and protein development
  • Promotes uniform maturity and production
  • Enhances plant strength and resistance to environmental conditions
  • Clean, easy handling solution
  • Will not corrode application equipment
  • Low Impurities
  • Highly soluble