Crop residues? No problem!

Today’s corn hybrids leave virtual tree trunks in a combine’s wake.

Managing crop residue is a major challenge faced in farming today. The amount of crop residue left behind after a corn harvest is roughly equal to the weight of the grain harvested (for example – 180 bushel corn crop leaves behind approximately 10,000 lbs of crop residue per acre).


The first step toward your next seeding

Improve planting, seed placement and germination

IQ SM accelerates residue breakdown by the addition of critical soil microbes along with calcium, increasing nutrient availability, quickly building organic matter, adding to and increasing soil biology and drastically reducing input costs. The addition of plant available calcium reduces soil compaction and allows soil biology to thrive.

Eliminate residue pushed into the seed furrow

IQ SM helps you avoid the problems of clogged planter disc openers or coulters which interfere with proper seed placement, reduces seed-to-soil contact and delay germination.

Simply Intelligent Growth

When — and How — To Use IQ SM:

The best time to apply IQ SM is right after harvest (same day if possible). The microbes in IQ SM will have instant food with the newly cut stubble and start degradation immediately. After application, disc the stubble under and the process begins.

Apply IQ SM at a rate of 1 lb per acre immediately following harvest in minimum 20 gallons per acre of water. Disc the field within 24 hours.

  • Aids crop residue breakdown, including GMO varieties
  • Releases valuable nutrients locked in the stubble and makes them plant available
  • Greatly reduces soil compactation and improves soil structure
  • Aerates and builds organic matter in the soil
  • Lowers pH in alkaline soils
  • Water soluble