Maintain plant-available nutrient

Phosphorus is particularly susceptible to tie-up, as it is a negatively charged material, and positively charged calcium is among the most common elements to bind phosphorus into what is essentially rock.

Release represents a significant advance in natural chelation agents, protecting inputs and freeing the nutrient from existing soil tie-up. The result is low inputs with far greater response.


Enhances nutrient availability

Release breaks the chemical bonds that tie up phosphorus and calcium in the soil, as well as chelates mineral elements essential for plant growth, resulting in increased plant uptake of soil nutrients.

Increases input efficiency

The purified humic acid formulation of Release chelates phosphorus inputs in the soil, allowing for lower inputs and increased plant response.

Enhances plant strength & growth

By increasing nutrients availability, enhanced soil structure and microbial activity, Release provides a superior environment for strong and sustainable crop growth, resulting in higher yields and crop quality.


Release is derived from the smallest (2%) of humic molecules. Release provides superior chelation properties because of the specialized chemistry and manufacturing of only the most efficient humic elements.

  • Chelates Phosphorus inputs, allowing for lower input rates
  • Releases Phosphorus from existing soil tie-up Chelates micro nutrients, keeping them plant available
  • Enhances soil structure, increasing water retention and aeration
  • Promotes microbial activity, increasing plant availability of nutrients in the soil
  • A natural solution to maintaining a positive growing environment