Trials and Research Studies that test new ways to manage crops with additional or replacement products is a part of what we do.

Our research provides information about the safety and efficacy of new approaches and to see if these ideas and products are to become available in the marketplace.

They add to the progress that is being made in modern agriculture in Canada and answer important scientific questions that lead to new products, product development and future research.

Farmers who use our products achieve improved crops because of the progress made through this research process.

Procedures and Ethical Standards

Each phase of our Research answers difference questions about the products and use, following specific procedures and ethical standards.

Proven by science

Our Researchers

At Canadian Agronomics, we contract 3rd Party Independent Researchers to ensure appropriate policies are in place and strict scientific protocols and ethical guidelines are followed.

Our Protocols

These protocols are reviewed and agreed upon prior to any research or trial taking place. They also ensure that trials are well designed, ethical and do not involve unnecessary risks.

Review and trials

Review and Trials

After results are received and reviewed, each product is trialed with Cooperators. It is a combination of the final analysis through the 3rd Party Independent Researchers and Cooperators that provides the complete data to determine whether or not each product creates an economic return for farmers and will or will not go to the marketplace.